Individual coaching Services

Although I'm a licensed psychologist, I will be working with you as a coach.

Once a psychologist, always a psychologist. When you work with me, I'll bring my 25 years of psychological experience, there's no way I can't. But you'll be working with me in a coaching capacity. 

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How I Work As a Coach

If you ask my clients, they'll tell you I'm not a passive psychologist who just sits, listens, and validates. As a coach, I  will lovingly push you to move forward so you can achieve your goals as quickly as possible. 

If you're looking for a "sounding board", I'm not your girl. But if you're looking to figure out what got you where you're at and you're ready to do the needed work to change, then you and I are going to do some magical work together.

Structure, Action, and Growth are key components in coaching. Unlike some other coaches, my training as a psychologist also touches on the why. We won't stay stuck in the why, but we'll work on understanding the why and come up with a plan for change and growth. 

How Individual Coaching Works

Step One:
Set Up a Consult

Book a free 15 minute consult. This will allow for us to chat and see if we're a good fit. There are a few basic questions to answer, you then pick a time to meet, and you will receive a confirmation link. 

Step Two:
We make it official

If we both feel like we're a good fit, I'll send over the coaching agreement. Once it's returned and payment is made; we move to step three where you begin getting the life you deserve.

STEP Three:
We Get To Work

 You create a private space and time just for you (no mama multitasking) and together we'll get you loving being a mom and raising amazing kids!

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Here’s What I Can Help You With

Enjoy being a mom again

As a Gen X mom parenting a Gen Alpha child, I know that you REALLY wanted to become a mom. You likely worked hard to get here and it can feel awful when you are no longer enjoying what you worked so hard to achieve. We will work together to change this.

Finding Work-Life Balance

I'm not sure we can ever have complete balance as moms, but I do know that we must care for ourselves in order to raise good humans. A depleted, frazzled, unhappy mom is NOT parenting at your best. Your kids are going to model what you do, not what you say. You'll gain the tools you need to start caring for yourself and will proudly put that "worn out mama badge" away, all without guilt. 


We can always learn more about parenting. And each stage of your child's life brings a whole new set of challenges. I have 25 years of experience working with kids, moms, and families. I can't wait to share that wisdom with you and watch you thrive as a mama. 

Are You Ready To.....

Release Mama Guilt and Allow yourself to be happy?

Release Energy vampires in your life that are stealing your precious time?

Become more assertive in a kind and loving way?

Set Boundaries and finally be ok with saying "no" when it's not an absolute yes?

create self-care in your life that's non-negotiable?

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