Hey Mama!

I'm Dr. Cynthia Hawver
Licensed Psychologist &
Certified Coach
Moms Over 40

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, 
but parenting in your 40's and 50's..that's a whole new ballgame.

Us "older" moms waited and worked hard to become a mama, entering parenthood with wisdom and resources.

We're also navigating all the challenges  midlife brings, leaving us feeling depleted, exhausted, and burnout.

There only young for a short time, let's enjoy it!

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Content created exclusively for moms over 40. Filled with tips, skills, real life issues, and some giggles. You"ll get my 25 years of psychological experience woven into each weeks content.


Peace of mind knowing someone gets your parenting journey. My content is designed specifically for us "older" moms. 

Practical Implementation

Quick wins. I offer practical, down-to-earth, advice that you can implement fast. Small changes lead to big differences.

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I created this community because I wish I had one years ago. I just kept pushing through. Even as a psychologist, I had no idea how debilitating my burnout was until I came out of it. 

"The closer something is, the harder it is to see."                                           -Thomas Hawver

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